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Creating a Cult Hit…



Every film lover has a handful of super obscure films that they love. Films we foist on our friends at movie nights,  films that – when we meet another person who knows it – feel like friends. Films that should have a cult following, but somehow slipped through the cracks.




One of those films for me is TAPEHEADS, released in 1988, starring real life pals John Cusack and Tim Robbins. My family has seen this film a thousand times (and still sometimes randomly yell “Swanky Modes!” at each other). The story of two loser friends who start a music video company, the film is produced by Michael Nesmith and co-stars (big breath) Sam Moore (from Sam & Dave), Junior Walker, Susan Tyrrell, Bobcat Goldthwait, Devo, Fishbone, Jello Biafra, Mary Crosby, Don Cornelius, Jessica Walter, Doug McClure, Connie Stevens, King Cotton, Doug E. Fresh, Weird Al Yankovic and Ted Nugent. (whew!) And did I mention it’s kind of a musical?! 




Last but certainly not least, this film also co-stars New Beverly friend and regular, Clu Gulager! When I first saw Clu at the Bev, I thought “Hey! It’s Norman Mart from Tapeheads!!” Clu is super awesome in this movie, and there is a scene where he – no lie – rides Susan Tyrrell in a tutu. Now how can you say no to that?!




I have owned a copy on VHS since it came out, and I have shown that tape to dozens of friends over the years – and now I get the rare opportunity to show it on the big screen – to you – at midnight, this coming Saturday, August 10th.




I really want to pack this screening, and get the word out about this criminally underrated film. I am hoping to show TAPEHEADS once a month at midnight for the rest of the year and try to build up an audience for it. I would love it to be like a Rocky Horror or a Scott Pilgrim! Director Bill Fishman and special guests will introduce the screening this Saturday!


So please, as a fellow movie lover, spread the word & help this film junkie’s dream of creating a deserving cult hit come true!





A moving moment at the New Beverly

2013-03-10 18.40.26

As everyone knows, the New Beverly Cinema is my favorite place in the world, and getting to work there is so incredible. I get to program double features for my birthday (this year its The Chipmunk Adventure & The Secret Of Nimh), meet my heroes and get paid to watch movies. What more could a girl ask for?



This past week we showed a double feature of Rian Johnson’s Looper & Brick with Rian in attendance. I got to know Rian when he did his week of programming back in 2009. He’s a funny, sweet, intelligent and humble guy – not to mention incredibly talented. He did lots of unique and fun things during his week of programming – power point presentations, musical performances, dancing – and his choices of movies (all con men movies in honor of Brothers Bloom) were amazing – including F for Fake, The Lady Eve, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and The Man Who Would Be King. 







So, in short, when Rian is around, fun ensues.



Both nights screenings of Looper & Brick were sold out, and Rian brought along special guests both nights – actors Nora Zehenter, Noah Segan and Matthew O’Leary the first night, and Michele Posch, costume designer on Brick as well as his cinematographer,Steve Yedlin the second night. Both nights he also brought along his cousin and composer of all of his films, Nathan Johnson.


After the Q&A on the second night, Rian announced they had planned a little something special – I didn’t even know what it was. 




Rian, Nathan, Michelle and Noah proceeded to re-enact the opening scene of Brick, along with live musical accompaniment. Noah donned Joseph Gordon Levitt’s coat from the film and knelt by Michelle, who put on Emilie de Ravin’s jacket from the film and lay facedown on the stage. Nathan brought out his metallophone – the instrument that makes the haunting noise in the score – and Rian played guitar. I knelt by Rian and held the microphone. 




I have to say, kneeling there, in my favorite place in the entire world, transfixed along with the sold out crowd, watching these amazing people and hearing this beautiful music is right up there in my top five New Beverly moments – and that’s saying a lot. 




Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge this incredible memory, and say how grateful I am to have such a terrific job. 



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