Thank you SO much to everyone who shared, donated and supported my Indiegogo campaign for I Know What You Need! The campaign did so wonderfully for being launched pre-election & mid-pandemic, so I am very pleased! That being said, not all of the budget was raised so I am still looking for funds – please contact me if you are interested in donating! (iknowwhatyouneedfilm at yahoo dot com).

I was so honored to be interviewed not only for awesome websites, but also guested on several podcasts, a radio show on Stephen King’s Dead Zone radio, and much more – if you missed it all, it’s all laid out for you below!

Thank you to every single person who helped. With much love.

Indiegogo Blog


Derry Public Radio

Dark Tower Radio

The Losers’ Club Podcast

Haddonfield Horror

Firewire Blog

Cinema Go

Mayfair Theatre Podcast

Stephen King’s Dead Zone Radio – WZON – Downtown with Rich Kimball

The Stephen King Podcast

Stephen King Short Movies

Talk Stephen King


Horror Facts

Terror in Podnito