THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to every single one of you that donated, shared and tweeted about my Independent Cinema in the UK campaign. 


I am so very chuffed to be able to not only tour along with Out of Print, but also interview some incredible British cinemas – and I got some beauties lined up! I can’t wait to share it all with you! 


I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have so many wonderful people out there who believe in me. I have a hard time believing in myself sometimes, and your support truly gives me hope.


I am going to make the best damn project I can, and work hard to make it worthy of all of your support.


Plane tickets are bought, Thundercats Are Go! 


And I want to thank all 93 of you that donated to make this project happen.


Thank you to:

Marion Kerr

Brian Crewe

Anthony Swilley

Jehangeer Sunderji

Thomas Dyer

Aoife O’Sullivan

Joe Vanourney

John Rackham

Paul Hrissikopoulos

Gill Regan

Gail Marsh

Richard Beer

Bobby Bennett

Pat & Lamar Marchese

Becky D’Anna

John Marsh

Bing Bailey

David Wirth

Lotti Knowles

Megan Riordan

Toby Miller

Danielle Hood

Eric Soto

Peter Knight

Christopher Roberts

Tyler Gray

John Duncan

Terry McCarty

Ceri Ashcroft

Dom Zook

Jeff Beeching

Ruth Ann Harnisch

Luke Doran

Lance & Lorelle Davis

Jane Pike

Chris Eibes

Kathleen Dolan

Nigel Smith

Jennifer Upton

Patton Oswalt

John Ringhoff

Darren Van Dusen

Karen Irvin

Jonathan Hatfull

Crystal Clements

Carey Kaplan

EF Contentment

Tim Davis

Courtney Joyner

Toni Posey

Rick Dominicus

Richard Martinez

Daryl Zero

Stevie Cattigan

Dallas King

Mercury Troy

Polly Rose

Anne Seabright

Anita Getzler

Maxwell Marchese

Judith Page-Leiberman

Jill Halverson

Jon Schell

Tara Judah

Taylor Posey

Duncan Carson

Annika Klein

Fergal Rock

Quentin Desert 

Andrew Gaughen

Joanne Lentino

PC Rae 

Paul Maskell 


AND a secret thank you to all of you marvelous, mysterious private & anonymous donors! 


And last but certainly not least, thank you to the folks at Go Fund Me, whose PR team helped me with press and who gave the final $250 to make sure this project succeeded. 




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