So live streaming seems to be the new up and coming internet obsession, and I’m hopping aboard that sweet gravy train!



As many of you know, I have an ENORMOUS (color coded!) VHS collection (over 1,000).





Perhaps this is too many, I hear you say.


And you’re RIGHT.


Therefore, I am starting a project to watch every VHS on my shelves that I haven’t seen  (or haven’t seen in a long time.)


If I don’t think I will ever watch it again, out it goes. YOU can have your say on what stays and what gets chucked!


I will give each movie 15 minutes and if it’s painful to watch, out it goes. If i’m digging it, I’ll watch the whole thing and perhaps it will regain it’s rightful place upon the wall… but that’s that chance you take, right?


Sound like fun?


Good! Join me as I stream my VHS adventures live, and chat with me about the film I am watching as I am watching it! (The future is NOW!)


Perhaps no one will join the stream, and I will end up watching the movies by myself – which I would be doing anyway – or perhaps I can watch it with a few other movie junkies from across the globe and we can all experience the film together in a whole new way!


The first live stream will start today at 4pm. It’s my very first one, ever, so please be kind and stick with me if things go awry…


I don’t know how regularly I will be doing this, but you can subscribe to my Channel, VHS Vixen, at the link below to receive an email when I am broadcasting. 


Join me, won’t you?