Hey. So I need to update about what’s going on with my weight loss plan, but the sad truth is that nothing is going on. I switched from Effexor to Wellbutrin to help lose weight, but the Wellbutrin was giving me dizzy headaches, so after six weeks I am back on Effexor. Good for my psyche, bad for weight loss. All of this anti-depressant hokey pokey has my body all confused and my motivation has been sliding away. 


I went to the gym twice last week and haven’t been at all this week. I think about it everyday and a little voice yells “GO!” but I just haven’t. Knowing that the Effexor is hindering my weight loss and that it will take me three months of 5 days a week exercise & diet to even lose 6 pounds isn’t exactly motivating. I WILL head back, promise, but right now I am in the process of moving by November 1st AND running a Kickstarter campaign, so I am a busy bee. But that shouldn’t matter, right? I should just get up and go every morning, rain or shine, no excuses. I know. 


What’s bothering me more than my apathy about exercise is my apathy towards myself right now. All of the optimism and confidence of June has disappeared and I am scrambling to get it back. I feel lazy, fat and overwhelmed.  


I am still figuring out my correct dosage for my medication right now, so I am sure that once I do, everything will fall back into place. embarrassed to have to write this post and announce that after 5 months, I am exactly where I started.