I have been writing this blog for over 3 years now, and WordPress has a nifty little feature that allows you to see how people get to your blog. Most come from Twitter, but sometime people just Google random things that get them to me – John Waters, Cameron Crowe, New Beverly, Etc… and every single day, since I posted it, the highest rated post on my blog has been “100 Things I Don’t Like.” Yes, folks, every damn day, people are apparently searching Google for “Things I Don’t Like.” How the hell would Google know what you don’t like? Why the hell would anyone search for that? It boggles the mind. BUT, I thought I’d give in and write another list, just to keep those confused-Googlers happy. I will follow up with “100 More Things I Do Like” – but enjoy these for now, in no particular order, of course…



1. When my hair gets tangled in my necklace

2. People who give me crumpled up money at the box office

3. That all trailers look & sound exactly the same now

4. Blisters on the back of my heels from new shoes

5. Waiters who say “My name is X, and I’ll be taking care of you today”

6. When I toss and turn and can’t sleep, even though I’m exhausted

7. People who don’t tell me when I have a boogie in my nose

8. People who stress me out because they’re so stressed out

9.  When my fingernail breaks so far up it bleeds

10. The smell of eggs

11. People who don’t floss and I can see the plaque build-up on their teeth

12. Super hero movies

13. The faces/noises guys make at the gym

14. Morning breath

15. People (men especially) who don’t keep their nose hair in check

16. Over attentive sales people – especially the ones who follow me around

17. Men in those awful rugged, athletic hiking sandals

18.  Thinking about having to be on a diet and exercise for the rest of my life

19. Spam (Both kinds)

20. The recycling man who collects the wine bottles from the restaurant across the street from  my house at 5:00am

21. The never ending construction in Los Angeles

22. Trolls (all kinds)

23. Cute boys who wear baggy pants so I can’t check out their butts

24. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation

25. My biological clock

26. Being choked by my seatbelt

27. Couples that argue in public

28. Mindless action films

29. Corporate/strip mall/cookie cutter America

30. Being hungry late at night when its too late to eat

31. People who make promises they don’t keep

32. Toothpaste crust

33. People who talk so quietly you can never hear what they say

34. Girls who pee on public toilet seats

35. Jorts

36. Lumpy pudding

37. Dirty feet

38. War/medical gore

39. Doctor/lawyer/police procedurals

40. Hearing someone hawk a loogie

41. Sweating under my bangs

42. Talking/listening to people talk about going to the bathroom

43. Days when you wake up and just want the day to be over

44. The corners of my house that I can never seem to get clean

45. The feeling I get after working out – like my teeth have fuzz on them

46. The term “eating clean”

47. Walking through a cobweb

48. Stretch marks

49. When I bite into something I’ve microwaved and it’s cold in the middle

50. The word “dude”

51. Alcohol

52. Coffee

53. Being scanned at the airport

54. Nubby carpet

55. When I am excited to eat and very hungry and the food is subpar

56. Oil spill sunglasses

57. The feeling on my hands after I reach into a bag of raisins

58. People who talk on their phone when they come up to the box office

59. Being pigeon holed

60. Baggy slacks with pleats in the front

61. Grown-ups who still act like they’re in junior high

62. The music from Seinfeld

63. Beavis and Butthead impressions

64. Books that disappoint

65. Ayn Rand

66. How expensive make-up is

67. Dirty carpet

68. Unexplainable pain

69. Christopher Guest films

70. New horror films

71. Christopher Walken

72. Bruce Willis

73. Clutter

74. When my water tastes weird

75. Toe cleavage 

76. The sound of a dry razor going over a man’s stubbly face

77. People who ask for a “dark chocolate Mounds”

78. Irvine

79. Realizing that I missed the age bracket to be the star of a teen movie

80. Worrying about the future

81. The fashion industry

82. Being forced to listen to Christmas carols two months before Christmas

83. People with dead shark eyes

84. comb-overs

85. 90’s action stars

86. All the dwarf songs in the Hobbit

87. Motorcycles with engines so loud they hurt my ears

88. Feeling fat

89. Awards shows

90. Futuristic neon hideous tennis shoes

91. Public showers

92. Losing touch with friends

93. Small talk 

94. Bald men with fat rolls on the backs of their necks

95. David Cronenberg

96. Jennifer Love Hewitt

97. Disappointing  the people I love

98. People who are too cool to dance

99. Feeling left out

100. People who google “things I don’t like”