First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who read and commented on my previous blog – it made me feel so supported and loved. Thank you.  Since sources say one of the best ways to stick to a goal is to talk publicly about it, i’ll be updating this blog on my weight loss periodically, tracking progress. 






 I have been working out 5 days a week for six weeks now. I do at least 10 minutes of cardio everyday (usually a spin bike or treadmill), spend one day swimming, 2 days on upper body weights and 2 days on lower body weights. I have lost 4 pounds so far but have been putting on a lot of muscle. I haven’t seen any physical changes yet, but I definitely feel stronger. 






I had a bit of a bad start this week, but other than that I have been working out faithfully. I have come to hate many gym related things including: men’s gym face/noise, people who seemingly only come to the gym to talk to someone else or on their phone, people who hog machines, the showers in my gym, and especially the old women who hawk loogies in the aforementioned showers. GROSS. 






I haven’t felt any of the so called positive side effects of exercise yet – I am sore quite a bit, don’t feel any happier and have been sleeping worse, but I’m sure it will all even out. 






I give myself Saturdays to eat whatever I like and the rest of the week I try to eat healthy. I’m not on any specific diet, just trying to cut down on fat and carbs where I can. I drink a lot of protein/fruit smoothies and eat a lot of chicken. It’s not so bad. 






My goal for many years has been to become a Russ Meyer-esque Supervixen. Full on with the mad 60’s hair and eyelashes and everything. I honestly can’t think of anything sexier than a built 60’s honey – always curvy and soft…Hence the title of my weight loss blog series. Every time I post I will include pictures of some of the ladies who are inspiring me. 






Thanks for all of your support – I will be checking in soon!