Girlhood Crush  

So I know some of you thought I was just idly rambling on about boys that i like to look at, but in actuality I had a bigger plan!! (evil laughter) July 15 & 16 will mark the first double feature at the New Beverly Cinema for the Girlhood Crush series! Since I began my blog with Ethan Hawke, my first double is Dead Poet’s Society paired with Reality Bites.










Ladies, this is my challenge to you. Prove that there are female film fans in LA. I work at the New Bev 5 days a week and every single night, without fail, there are probably 75% men in attendance. Now i’m no feminist, and I love the women that do come, but I can’t help but think “Where are the other Julia’s?” I KNOW I’m not the only major film geek girl in LA, so prove me wrong. Let’s rally together for our love of gorgeous boys and revival cinema and watch some amazing movies together!!








I am hoping to do a Girlhood Crush double feature every month at the Bev, two movies starring one beautiful boy, and I would love for this to catch on and be an event that movie chicks dig. But it will only catch on if you show up! So, as a fellow girl and film lover, be a pal and let people know about this bitchin’ Hawke double coming up this month, and come on down!!




Tickets available at the door – $8 for two movies!! Monday and Tuesday, July 15 & 16. Dead Poet’s Society plays at 7:30 and Reality Bites plays at 10pm.