Every once in a while, something will be invented that makes me feel like we are slowly heading into a Bladerunner-esque future. It started with the electronic billboards around Los Angeles, which totally blew my mind. The fact that I can carry a video camera, phone, still camera, and music player with thousands of songs on it all in my small purse like it’s no big deal. Self inflatable tires. Ketchup bottles that pour like water. 3D printers – the list goes on and on. It’s incredible. 


And now – YOU, my friends, can buy your very own robotic cat ears that respond to your brainwaves. 


I saw the promotional video for these puppies about six months ago, and giddily announced to my boyfriend, David,  that I wanted these for Christmas. Well, guess what? Like the wonderful boyfriend he is, he remembered and bought them for me!! I squealed with absolute delight upon opening them yesterday. (We had an early Christmas, since he is going down to Mayan temples in Mexico to get a front row seat for the apocalypse on the 21st and write an article about it – you know, as you do). 


A company called Neurowear makes them, and they are called Necomimi. They are battery operated and have a sensor that rests against your forehead, and a clip that attaches to your left earlobe. You pop them on, hit the power switch and they immediately start calibrating to your brainwaves. And they TOTALLY WORK. 


The ears perked up when David held my hand or kissed me. If he ever needed any more solid proof that I love him, these ears made it super super obvious. They wiggled when I concentrated. They drooped when I was relaxed. Fucking amazing. 


We decided to go for a walk along Melrose that afternoon and I wore them out to test the reaction. Most people I passed on the street didn’t even look twice (It IS Los Angeles, after all). But – I went into three places that got three very different reactions – 


1. Golden Apple Comics – the man working there almost immediately commented on them and when I told him about them he said he had also seen them online. He was excited to see them in real life and asked how they worked. We had a nice little conversation – comic book guys would of course know about these things. 


2. Japan LA – the little Sanrio pop up store a little ways down Melrose. The cute Japanese girls there were utterly unimpressed. They said cute ears, and when I started to explain, they cut me off “Oh, we know”. They said, a little snottily. Wow. Okay, Japanese girls are already WAY over this. I started to feel like no one would be amazed like I was…and then..


3. Vienna Cafe, also on Melrose. I BLEW MY WAITRESSES’ MIND. Like, she couldn’t speak for about 15 seconds and just sat staring at me after I explained them. She couldn’t wrap her head around it. She was having her “future is now” moment. She asked all about where you could buy them (neurowear.com) , how much they were ($100), did they have different ears (etsy, of course, is all over this.) etc. It was CLEAR she was going to go straight home after work and buy herself a pair. Her mind was so blown, she dragged several of her fellow wait staff over to stare at me. She waited to see how they responded when I tasted my food. (they wiggled happily). THIS was the response I was looking for. 


I am a very very happy little kitten. The future is looking pretty goddam awesome from where I am sitting. Now if only I could get one of the new tails that Neurowear just debuted….Hmmmm…