Wow! I’ve been waiting to post a blog until I had really cool news and now I have TWO bitchin things to talk about!! 



First off, while you are waiting for our amazing new website, here’s a little something to wet your whistle. We have a new You Tube Channel!! Here’s my introduction:




We have some really fun behind the scenes videos we will be posting and this first one is with two of my favorite gentlemen, Rian Johnson and Noah Segan. They had an incredibly silly and informative tandem interview which had the whole crew in stitches. 



ALSO!!!! My double feature at the Prince Charles Cinema in London has finally been announced! Huzzah!! Monday, September 17th at 7pm I will be showing two Los Angeles teen 80’s comedies, (both coincidentally starring the ever rad Kelli Maroney!) NIGHT OF THE COMET & FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH!!





Paul Vickery of the PCC is my best-friend-i’ve-yet-to-meet over in London and has made me a spectacular poster just for my event. So cool!!!



I CANNOT WAIT to hightail it across the pond and get some footage of another fantastic revival cinema that loves film just as much as I do. A side project to the film has been to try and connect with as many independent cinemas around the globe as I can – I feel that if we all stand up and rally together, we have a better chance of survival. I will be filming interviews with employees of the PCC while I am there, as well as talking to some of the cinephiles that attend my screening – thank you again to everyone who donated to my Kickstarter and made this possible. It will be an incredible addition to Out of Print, I assure you. 


Speaking of Out of Print footage, it is looking wonderful. My editor John Quinn and I have been going through it and every single interview we did has great laughs, stories and insights. You guys are going to love it. It’s also going to be chockfull of vintage, groovy film snipes and graphics – as you can see in the videos. Super fun. 


That’s all for now – Viva 35mm!!