Yes, folks, it’s true. I am ACTUALLY going to be directing a feature-length documentary. Who am I and when did this happen?!



Not to say that I am not excited, of course, because I am, but my laser beam focus in life has always been acting, so to suddenly be such a passionate film activist and director? This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife!



After some intense, thought-provoking, heart wrenching pre-production, Out of Print will start filming this upcoming Monday, June 18th. The bulk of this first part of the shoot will be interviews and atmospheric New Bev stuff. Right now the plan is to film the interviews on digital  (Red Scarlet and Canon 7D) (mostly to have longer run time for the interviewees to talk without interruption), and the cinematic shots of the New Bev in 35mm film. I definitely want to have some film & digital footage shown side by side in the finished film, so those who can’t normally tell the difference will finally get to  see first hand each formats unique looks, advantages and disadvantages. I think having a film with multiple formats will be really interesting, both visually and  in processing.





Opening your fridge and having it full of cans of 35mm film is one of the coolest feelings. (No pun intended). I am so thankful to Panavision for donating cameras to our shoot and Kodak for donating film.  I am so lucky to be able to shoot some of my movie on actual 35mm. Wow!!



I want to introduce my crew to you. They are some brilliant, gorgeous, incredible folk and I am really happy to be working with each and every one of them.



I first met Alex Simon, my DP, when he was shooting Marion Kerr’s 2010 film Golden Earrings, in which I starred. Alex is so creative, talented and easy-going and has been irreplaceable with helping me with everything technical.



I met Alissa Davis, my line producer, through Alex and although we haven’t known each other long I can already tell we are going to do great things together. She is so ferocious and adorable and has the ability to read my mind and say exactly what I was thinking, before I even knew I was thinking it. She can see this film lined up completely in her head, and is on the same course with me – it’s nice to have someone to walk it with.



alex, alissa and i. 



Jeremy Kerr and Brandon Musselman are Alex’s right hand men, grip & gaffer, and also did some time on Golden Earrings. It’s so nice to have a DP who has a crew he knows and trusts.



Rob Fillmore will be doing the sound for Out of Print. He worked on Vivian Kerr’s Lines, and is coming to me highly recommended. I am excited to work with him.



Matt Dinan will be my on set photographer – you might recognize Matt from behind the concession stand at the New Bev. Little do our customers know that besides his superior popcorn slinging skills, Matt is also a consummate art photographer and professional cynic.



Jered Natera & Drew Coombs will be my PA’s during the shoot – both insanely groovy and competent gentleman.



John Quinn will be my editor. If there is anyone who threatens to be more enthusiastic about this project than me, it is John. He emailed me the day my kickstarter launched and announced that this was his dream project and that he would do anything to be my editor – hey, what am I good for if not making dreams come true?



Anthony Huang will be my DIT and asst. editor – he also comes highly recommended and I am looking forward to working with him.



Peter Marchese, better known an Tokyoidaho, will be doing the music for Out of Print. He may be my older brother, but he is also a savvy musical genius and I am thrilled beyond words that he will be doing our score. I am looking forward to hearing lots of Moog.



Todd Spence and Charlie Hill have been kind enough to agree to help me with the artwork for the film. Both of these cats are crazy creative and their work is astounding. I am over the moon.





thank you, charlie! 


I have received so many offers from all over the world from people who want to be involved in this project, and I am so very very flattered and grateful. I wish all of you could work on this with me, but know that every bit of support – moral, financial, etc. – helps this film out in some way. I only hope I can make a finished product that will be in line with the high hopes everyone has for this!


I will be updating once we start filming with sneak preview clips and stories – next time I talk to you all, I will officially be a “film director”. Eek!!