Int. Locker Room, Day. 


A sad bunch of film lovers sit dejectedly on benches, some have their heads in their hands. It looks hopeless. Soft music swells in the background. 


JULIA enters, full of energy, passion burning in her eyes, hair aflame with color. 




JULIA: Okay, cinephiles. I know this looks bad. 65 hours left to raise almost $40,000. You think we can’t do it?




She pauses, looks around. 



JULIA: Well I think we can. These next 65 hours are the ones that matter most. Why? Because now is the time when you show me what you are really made of. You look at Kickstarter, you see how far we are from our goal and you shrug, think “We’re so far away…how will my $10 make a difference now?” Well, I’m here to tell you it will. Because if everyone who saw the site just kicked in that last little bit, we might just win this thing. 



Some of the film lovers start to look up from their laps. 


JULIA: I know you all love the New Beverly. That’s apparent. The support has been wonderful, but you all need to know what we are up against. Movie studios. Corporations. Digital projection. These are frightening foes. But if the New Beverly Cinema stands for anything, it stands for hope. We’ve never given in or sold out and we’re not about to start now. If you think that a chance to make a movie like this comes around often, brother, you better think twice. NOW is the time to make this film, because NOW is when it will make the most impact. I can’t say where revival cinemas and 35mm will be in five or ten years. But I can say that right now we have the motivation, the passion, the forward momentum we need to get this film made and document the way the New Beverly was in 2012. 


Music swells


JULIA: Failure is not an option. Think of every epiphany and beautiful moment you have ever had in a cinema and then think about what would happen if those moments were erased from your life. YOU can make a difference by just putting in $5 or sending this to your aunt in Topeka who has a little mad money. We film lovers must stand up NOW and shout from the rooftops that 35mm matters! Revival cinema matters! THE NEW BEVERLY MATTERS!!


The music swells to a crescendo. 


The film lovers stand, a slow clap begins. 


JULIA stands, panting and sweating. She has given this speech everything she has. She smiles to the camera, we fade to black.