In my opinion, Rita Hayworth is the most beautiful woman who ever lived. Her grace, warmth and sexiness lights up the screen. I am super excited for the New Beverly’s Rita Hayworth double feature on February 10th and 11th – You Were Never Lovelier & Cover Girl. In the first Rita co-stars with Fred Astaire, in the second Gene Kelly.



As many of you know, I am a hard core Xanadu fan. I love it without shame, and I love that Gene Kelly lends the same amount of charm to it that he does to every other one of his movies.


A little known fact about Xanadu is that it is based on two Rita Hayworth films – Down to Earth and Cover Girl. In the first Rita plays the muse Terpsichore come down to help a young man put on a show (sound familiar?) and in the second she is a dancer working at a nightclub owned by Gene Kelly named after his character, Danny Maguire. That’s right, the SAME Danny Maguire he plays in Xanadu!


 This little character cross over makes me love Xanadu even more. So Saturday, February 11th, you have the opportunity to come watch Cover Girl  at 9:30, and then stay for the midnight show of Xanadu – seeing  Gene Kelly play this character in 1944 and again in 1980. Genius!!

As charming as Olivia Newton John is, she ain’t no Rita Hayworth. Come check out the incandescent Rita tonight and tomorrow and see what I mean!