Rarely does a film come along where we are afforded the luxury of knowing absolutely nothing about the plot. I find this to usually be my preferred method of watching a movie, so I can be completely open-minded and surprised. When Never Let Me Go came out in September 2010, the only thing I knew was that it starred Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield, two of my favorite actors. I went in completely blind, and was incredibly and absolutely blown away.



When the film ended, I didn’t want to leave the theater because I didn’t want to break the spell the film had created, nor disturb the emotional effect it had on me – and I was crying buckets. I truly think this film was the best of 2010, and was shocked and outraged when it was overlooked, not only by viewers, but by the awards. Both Golden Globes and Oscars completely snubbed the incredible performances given by all three leads. 


I have been championing the film since its release, begging friends and neighbors to see it. I wanted to play it at the New Beverly as soon as possible, but Fox Searchlight told me that out of all of the hundreds of prints made, only two remained. One was irreparably damaged, and the other on long-term loan to a cruise ship. Whether they were telling the truth or not, I can’t say, but I will say that I am completely overjoyed that we will finally be showing it at the New Bev on January 11th and 12th with (schedule permitting) director Mark Romanek in attendance both nights.



If I have ever implored you to attend a film I have booked at the theater, and you haven’t come, you owe me one. Please come see this film. Please tell everyone you know to come. It is beautiful, masterfully shot and performed, disturbing, the most interesting use of science fiction I have seen and completely heartbreaking.


This is the kind of film I hope to be seeing more of, and the kind that I hope one day to star in myself.


Romanek himself picked the doubles’ second feature, Truffaut’s Fahrenheit 451. I have read the book, but never seen the film and am very excited to see it, especially to compare the similarities to Never Let Me Go.


You’ll notice I haven’t discussed the plot of the film at all, and I have done so on purpose. I hope you will come to the show knowing only what I have told you, and trust me. You might walk away from it with your heart broken, but there is no way to walk away from this film without admitting its brilliance and beauty.