A few weekends ago, inspired by a random photo we came across, my boyfriend David and I decided to try a little artistic experiment. I bought some canvases from Blick, some crayons, super glue and some lighters. We unwrapped and arranged the crayons atop the canvas to our liking, then glued them on.




We tried two methods of melting the crayons: lighter and hair dryer. The hair dryer was not terribly effective, having too large of a surface area and too difficult to control the air flow. This was my hair dryer painting:




This was David’s:




The lighter turned out way way better, but hurt the hell out  my hand after holding it down for so long.







After the success of the small lighter painting, I was confident and curious to try again, so i bought a bigger canvas and came up with this masterpiece.





I’m really excited to continue with these “paintings”. They are pretty bitchin.  But i switched from glue to tape, because of the residue, and i bought a butane torch, so I don’t have to hold down the lighter anymore.  Who knows where this mad experiment will lead?


All of it reminds me of this Sesame Street gem from our youth: