I try to stay away from negative stuff, but solely for the sake of balance I present 100 things I ain’t too keen on. You’ll be pleased to know this list took me way longer to come up with than my favorite things. 


1. spiders and all bugs

2. peas, beans, eggs

3. sound of metal scraping on metal

4. hot beverages

5. warm squishy fruit

6. sticky hands

7. people who don’t clean their teeth properly

8. sandals on men

9. people who don’t smile back when i smile at them

10. inconsiderate people

11. crew cuts

12. relish

13. unmelted cheese

14. yappy dogs

15. tardiness

16. people who talk too loud

17. black licorice

18. overly gelled hair

19. unnecessary sequels and remakes

20. cargo shorts

21. cigarettes

22. people who ruin my movie going experience

23. misers

24. people who are constantly on their phones

25. people who complain all the time

26. half assed hugs

27. those who don’t see the importance in reading books

28. flaky folks

29. actors who believe their own hype

30. eating fish with bones

31. hunting for sport

32. thieves

33. people who don’t tell me when I have something in my teeth

34. liars

35. crocs

36. splinters and paper cuts

37. mindless conformity

38. dirty fingernails

39. people who are money obsessed

40. road rage

41. misspellings

42. washing dishes

43. doing laundry

44. camping

45. meter maids

46. sticking to vinyl seating when its hot

47. boys who try to walk “tuff”

48. people who have to look in a mirror if they pass by one

49. people who get a boyfriend/girlfriend and disappear

50. people who scrape their fork on their teeth

51. supercilious people

52. 90% of television programming

53. people who stick flyers on my car

54. long plane flights

55. waiting in airports

56. the fact that the “oldies” station in LA plays no 1950’s music but lots of 1980’s music

57. people who groan when they see a movie is subtitled or in black and white

58. fake meat

59. film festivals that only accept movies with celebrities attached

60. the dirty hands feeling i get after thrift shopping

61. the way otter pops make me choke

62. ultra competitive people who take board games way too seriously

63. feeling unbearably full

64. richies

65. feeling dread for no reason

66. waking up from a nap and feeling sweaty and disoriented

67. people who go to a mongolian BBQ restaurant and greedily heap food onto their bowl in an obscene mound

68. those who don’t see the importance of showers and clean clothes

69. skin on soup and pudding

70. over priced movie theaters

71. DVD/blu ray snobs

72. people who want you to fit into the box they have created for you

73. being cold

74. doctors who don’t listen

75. getting up in the middle of the night to pee

76. over produced modern pop music

77. movies where the lead actor is clearly doing it for a paycheck

78. stubbing my toe/hitting my knee on the side of my bed

79. crusty dreadlocks

80. tyrants

81. people who constantly fidget or jiggle their knee

82. people who don’t attend to their nose hair properly

83. women who shave off their eyebrows and then draw them back on

84. spineless people

85. goatees with no mustache

86. the bar big wangs

87. shorts so big and baggy they look like pants

88. the fact that living in LA has given me asthma

89. hiking – especially going downhill

90. mean spirited humor

91. employers who ask for a photo along with your resume

92. feeling incompetant

93. people who mindlessly drive/walk without paying any attention that I am behind them

94. having to wear a uniform

95. sneakers that make boys feet look fat

96. disorganized nitpickers

97. sports

98. peeling skin

99. not being able to fall asleep at night

100. people who don’t like me