Hey Kids. For fun, I listed 100 of my favorite things (by no means a comprehensive list) in random order. Enjoy. 

1. oreo cookies, soggy from milk

2. the sound of a projector

3. the sound of things going in reverse (music, cars, etc.)

4. being winked at

5. laughing so hard my knees give out

6. northern british accents (especially when they call me “luv”)

7. welsh corgis

8. the sound the needle makes when it first hits the record, the crackle and pops before the song starts

9. converse

10. the original uk version of life on mars

11. tab

12. movies

13. the new beverly cinema

14. warm, soft, gooey cookies and milk

15. when my parents do silly dances

16. pleasant surprises

17. reading a book so great that i wish it would never end

18. thunderstorms

19. thin, crispy pancakes with butter and maple syrup

20. dystopian speculative fiction

21. fancy parties

22. carnivals

23. the beatles

24. literary tattoos

25. waiters who bring refills before you ask

26. sharing a secret look with someone

27. kissing

28. smiles that light up the persons’ entire face

29. puffy 80’s stickers

30. bernaise sauce

31. being nostalgic for food that no longer exists

32. traveling the world

33. hugs

34. giggling fits at inappropriate times

35. meeting heroes and finding them cooler than i imagined

36. fancy lingerie

37. VHS

38. getting a letter from a friend i haven’t heard from in a long time

39. curry – indian, chinese, thai or japanese

40. inside jokes

41. thinking about the world before i existed

42. twin peaks

43. new england clam chowder with oyster crackers

44. free food

45. beautiful boys

46. under ripe cold crisp fruit

47. shag carpets

48. all things groovy

49. listening to cassette mixes i made in high school and college

50. england

51. being in love

52. people who are nicer than neccesary

53. flapjacks (the english kind)

54. banksy

55. being with my mother and father

56. moments of crazy coincidence

57. movies that are so bad they’re good – especially musicals

58. showing people movies i love

59. rare steak and mashed potatoes

60. halloween

61. trying new things

62. marsupials

63. snuggling

64. having insane dreams

65. horror

66. wacky socks

67. being cozy in my own bed

68. acting

69. dreaming of the day i am a famous movie star

70. cat naps

71. mint chocolate chip ice cream and butterscotch sauce from baskin robbins

72. watching babies taste cake for the first time

73. seeing pictures of friends as children

74. romance

75. love letters

76. fake eyelashes

77. baking

78. winning contests

79. the familiar smell of those i love

80. food so good it makes me close my eyes

81. hairstyles and fashions i can’t believe ever existed

82. days when the weather is so perfect i don’t notice it

83. the sea

84. overhearing ridiculous snatches of conversation

85. the word persnickety

86. rooting for the underdog

87. clever, non violent, creative revolutionaries

88. when someone i love achieves something that makes them happy

89. thrift store shopping

90. r. crumb

91. slow dancing

92. the feeling that i am close to accomplishing a goal and that my years of hard work and persistence might pay off

93. ocean water from sonic

94. playing galaga in an arcade

95. being alone in a theater

96. the anticipation before leaving on a trip

97. the relief of coming home

98. feeling loved

99. loving others

100. moments when i feel completely alive