Whatchamacalits have been my favorite candy bar for as long as I can remember. I insist that we stock them at the New Beverly (probably the only movie theater in the US to carry them!), and delight in customers finding them -“Whatchamacalit! Wow! I have had one of those since I was a kid!” Or, even better, Whatchamacalit virgins. I always make them come back to the counter after the movie and tell me what they thought of it – and they always love it.

So imagine my absolute joy when I discovered about a year ago that Hershey’s had developed a sister candy bar to the Whatchamacalit – the Thingamajig!! I immediately went out to try to find it, with no luck. Every time I went into a 7-11, a target, a supermarket, a drugstore, I searched. I was beginning to think I had dreamed it. But proof was there on the official Hershey’s site! The Thingamajig did exist!

For my birthday in March, my boyfriend went to every store in Los Angeles that supposedly carried the elusive chocolate bar as listed on the Hershey’s website. Not a single one had it. It began to become an obsession with me. I dreamt about finding it, and was so happy when I woke up – only to be crushed when I realized I hadn’t found it in reality. When I was in New York in April I went to the Hershey’s store in Times Square. If anywhere in the world should carry an obscure Hershey’s item, it should be the Hershey’s store, right? Wrong. The clerk looked at me like I was crazy and told me he’d never heard of it. I began to lose hope.

And then.

I got a picture message from my friend Phil. His hand, holding a Thingamajig, and the text “Are you still looking for this?”. Oh. My. God! Phil and his girlfriend Jackie drive around the greater LA area on video hunts and had randomly wandered into the Circle K  somewhere near Norwalk, next to the store where they just bought some VHS. And there, sitting innocently on an endcap, was the glorious prize I had been questing for!! They kindly bought me two, and I raced home to try out the candy bar I had been waiting to taste for over a year.

Whatchamacalits have caramel and peanut flavored rice krispies inside, whereas the Thingamajig has chocolate flavored rice krispies and peanut butter inside. I closed my eyes and took a slow, lingering bite. Heaven. Absolutely delicious. The peanut butter  is creamy and not too sweet, and the chocolate crunch perfectly balances it. I don’t know if I would say it is better than the Whatchamacalit, but I think they compliment each other perfectly. I savored it as slowly as I could, knowing I would probably never find them again. I am a girl who takes my treats very seriously, as you may have deduced.

So, seriously, Hershey’s, could you release these nation wide? Or, at the very least, send me a case?