I think I am probably the only person in the universe who would have a dream about being in a 1980’s grocery store and be so incredibly happy about it. My 80’s nostalgia, apparently, has no boundaries, and in my dream I was gleefully running through the aisles, delighting at the delicious, long gone products of my youth and throwing them in my cart, shopping spree style. When I woke up, I was giddy with the memories of such foodstuffs, and here I present to you some of my very favorite long gone items:

Aaahhh…Peanut Butter Boppers. One of my very favorites. Stick these puppies in the freezer and you were good to go.

Like Golden Grahams, but way way better. Golden Grahams with chocolate and marshmallow pieces. YUM.

If I had some of this I would make it right now. And what amazing food scientist invented Jello that could separate itself?! Genius!

I’d like to give a shout out to the Crystal Palace Skating Centers (the skate of the art!) in Las Vegas, NV. Many evenings were spent blissfully going in circles to Salt n Pepa and the usual 1980’s freestyle jamz. The nights would inevitably end up with me in tears because one of my friends would couple skate with the boy I liked. My dad used to always comment on the fact that the parking lot there would be empty, but you would walk inside and the place would be packed. Definitely the under sixteen crowd.

When you’re eight and only have a dollar to your name, Cherry Clan are rad because they were only 25 cents a piece. I downed many boxes of these puppies before the manufacturer got scared of the racist depiction of the chinky cherries on the box and changed them to the politically correct/nonsensical Cherryhead. Some of my favorite Crystal Palace memories include:

1. Watching the cool, older kids make out in the dark corners of the place, and thinking “someday, that will be me”. (It never was.)

2. Having an acquaintance of mine go into some sort of hypoglycemic episode, begging me to buy him a candy bar to regulate his blood sugar, and me getting angry because I had no idea what he was talking about and thought he was just trying to scam candy off me.

3. Requesting Thriller from the DJ, because they would turn all of the lights off and blow smoke onto the rink (which was rumored to be made out of marshmallow dust), and then subsequently being too afraid to skate to it because they turned all of the lights off and blew smoke onto the rink.

4. The coup de grace of my Crystal Palace days was when Robert Caraciollo, one of the cutest boys in my fifth grade class, asked me to couple skate with him. I was over the moon. We sailed around the rink, holding hands, as if we were the only two in the world. Then the song ended, we let go of each other, he fell  and I rolled over his fingers. We never skated together again.

I just realized about six months ago that Slice has disappeared.  WTF? Do people really prefer the dish soap taste of Sierra Mist? Yuk.

Another delicious product I just noticed was missing. I used to drink these all the time during those lovely 120 degree Las Vegas summer days.

Although I clearly remember this product, it does remain a bit of an enigma to me. No matter how much I begged my father, he would never let me buy this cereal. I was confused because I could have Cookie Crisp, and really whats so different? I was also never allowed to have Kudos, which I coveted, and I always had to drink 100% juice, so no Squeezits  or Ecto Coolers for me. And, even though in the end I see that my parents were correct in keeping me away from these foods, its amazing how uncool you can feel in elementary school when everyone is pulling out those awesomely designed Capri Suns, and you’re stuck with your lowly box of Treetop apple juice.

So does this make me a weirdo, to be nostalgic about the foods of my youth? I say no more so than having a soft spot in your heart for Thundercats or the Glo-worm doll you used to sleep with. Sometimes I think if I really did travel back in time, the grocery store might be my first stop.