Ahem. Testing, testing. (knocks on microphone. slight surge of feedback.)

So. I have decided to begin a bloggy thingy here. I’m not exactly sure what i will be using it for yet, but i thought i would give it the old college try.

Apparently people enjoy reading other people’s thoughts. I would never think anyone would be particularly interested in reading mine, but i suppose my thoughts are just as valid/rambling/obtuse as anyone elses, so there we are.

2011 started off wonderfully, with riding the metro, eating incredible japanese food in little tokyo, doing flips on a discarded mattress on the side of the road, listening to monty python on vinyl, cooking my first dish of beef stroganoff, secret handshakes, mochi, and a little poetry thrown in for good measure. Most of this wonderfulness is due to the presence of a certain boy who is pretty damn wonderful himself.

I have a new year’s tradition of picking a song to be my anthem for the year. I believe I can sort of shape the direction my year will be starting off in. This year i picked Tonight The Streets Are Ours by  Richard Hawley, off of the Exit Through the Gift Shop soundtrack. The film was one of my favorites of last year, and made me want to go out and express myself and become a hardcore underground artist/revolutionary. Whether or not this will actually happen remains to be seen, but it’s a great song anyway.

curious to hear it?

My favorite exchange of 2011, thus far. I was at a liquor store, buying a phone card. The clerk asked how I was.

Me: Spiffy.

Clerk: Sleepy?

Me: Spiffy.

Clerk: Fifty?

Me: Spiffy.

Clerk. Pithy?


Clerk. Oh. Okay. Have a nice day.

2011, i like your style.